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Bird Pest Control

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Through years of experience and customer trial, we’ve learned that all Bird Control methods prove most effective when a combination of different bird control products are used. REX Environment Science offers the widest selection of these quality products anywhere, including sonic and ultrasonic sound repellers, roost inhibitors, taste aversions and visual scare devices.

Bird Management

Bird Management Services offered by us help in controlling the menace of birds especially in food factories. These cause damages to products as well as cause contamination via their droppings, feathers nesting & dead bodies. Their disease spreading potential can also not be under estimated.

Our site is designed to provide you with additional resources and information to help you solve your bird and pest problems.

We have an entire section devoted to helping you “Identify Your Pest Bird” and learn interesting characteristics about that particular species.
Understand why it important to remove nuisance birds because of the “Diseases Birds Cause”.

Review our blog called “Pest Control Ahmedabad” frequently for new and interesting information that relates to our products and birds in general.